Versace's Vase 'Fleur de Lis'    
Dimensions: 24 W x 24 H

This original is sold.


A few years ago, we went to Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, near Hollywood, California. As we were shopping, I saw the Versace Building. It was beautiful, of course! It was a two-story building built in a semi-circle in front. The white columns in front went all the way to the top of the upstairs balcony. It had these gorgeous vases on large pedestals on the balcony in between the columns, so large that they had planted palm trees in them! As I looked upward, I thought what an interesting perspective of the vase and palm tree. I thought it would make for a very dramatic and pretty piece. I love painting palm fronds. I added the fleur de lis, because it is an important symbol of our city, Louisville!