Fun Boats    

This Painting is in Private Collection - Prints Available


A few years ago when I was in Monterey, California, it was cloudy and overcast. When I walked out to the pier, there were restaurants serving hot clam chowder and pearl shops selling beautiful colored cultured pearls. As I walked to the end of the pier, there were steps leading upward. We walked to the top. I looked down and saw these boats. They were all beige! I loved their shapes though and took a picture. Recently, when I pulled out the photo to paint it, I realized I must add color! I painted the water first. I wanted it to look like seawater by the shore. A little rocky, with seaweed floating amidst the coral reefs. The water was constantly moving with dark and light shapes. It was a perfect technique for a watercolor painting. I then painted the boats and let it evolve at that point to see what color I should put on the paper next. I suggested some form without painting all the details. I just thought it would be more fun and interesting!