"Granddad's Place"    


One day while visiting one of my favorite aunts from my childhood days, I asked her if I could see Granddad's place. She said, "sure, it is right over the hill". I got up, picked up my camera and walked over there. I thought it was breathtaking. This is the kind of place that takes you back in time, to a much simpler life and many times a much harder life, yet so beautiful. I loved the grassy meadow and the giant tree beside the house that cast a very definite shadow on the ground. There was actually no floor on the porch, just dirt. I could just imagine that on a hot sunny day, that porch was the place to be. My Granddad used to take a straight backed grass-string bottomed chair and lean it up against the house and smoke his pipe and relax. He always wore overalls. I could just visualize him there on that shady dirt-floor porch relaxing in his "recliner". It just gave me the best feeling, I couldn't wait to paint it!