Hogan's Fountain in Cherokee Park    
Dimensions: 11 W x 14 H



Cherokee Park is one of the parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1891 in Louisville, Kentucky.  The park provides a pastoral setting in the midst of rolling hills and the Beargrass Creek valley.  Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy biking, basketball, walking trails and family picnics.    Hogan's Fountain was officially unveiled on August 31, 1905, on what was then called Bonnycastle Hill. It was sculpted by Enid Yandell and financed by the Hogan Family of Anchorage, Kentucky. Although it has very classic features, centering around the Greek god Pan, it was originally used for watering dogs and horses.   When I painted this scene en plein air in 2013, I was fascinated by all of the activity of people enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.