Horse of a Different Color    
Dimensions: 11 W x 14 H

This original is sold.


I had an idea when I started this painting.  I knew I wanted to do a horse.  I decided to paint it in alcohol ink.   I also knew the difficult part would be to make it look like a horse, because alcohol inks starts to move as soon as it is put on Yupo, a plastic substrate.  I made a template for the horse and put it on the Yupo.  (I had practiced with this before and had some disasters, due to the template not coming off and ruining my painting!)  I painted the background first and watched it carefully.  I enjoy the movement of the paint, but I also wanted it to stop in certain places.  I used certain colors to convey my idea.  When the abstract background was dry, I peeled off the template and painted the horse.  Yes, I used a brush with alcohol ink!  I added the "water" in the foreground.  It was very exciting to paint this piece!