"I Guana Make A Change"    
Dimensions: 30 W x 24 H



A few years ago, we were in Florida.  We took a ride up a remote canal where the Mangrove trees overhang into the water.  I spotted this Iguana resting in the trees.  I thought it was beautiful!  Our Captain had to turn the boat around so I could get a good photograph.  I took several, of course.  I have wanted to paint this Iguana from the very beginning.  I painted him in watercolor.  I used transparent colors and did a lot of layering of colors.  An artist has to be very patient to do this technique.  I am very happy that it was juried into the National 2016 Aqueous Show, in the Kentucky Watercolor Society.  Actors Theatre in downtown Louisville is the hosting gallery for this show.  It is a very interesting show with lots of great paintings!  The show just opened. It will be there until December 23, 2016.