Springtime at the Koi Pool    
Dimensions: 22 W x 15 H

This original is sold.


My Derby en Plein Air experience in Crestwood was once again, an amazing event.  I had a nice tent to cover me and protect me from the rain.  It did rain off and on that day, but my view of the Koi Pool was perfect.  With the great blue heron in my foreground by the Koi Pool and the spring blossoms in the distance, it couldn't have been better.  The lady who won my painting in the raffle was ecstatic!  She attended the fundraising event that day and watched my painting in progress.  She wished for it at the time because it matched her bedroom and she loves blue herons like I do!  When her name was pulled out of the hat, her husband said, "I cannot believe you won that painting, because that is the one your wanted!"  Everyone went home happy!