Foggy Morning At Westport    
Dimensions: 10 W x 8 H


When I arrived at Westport, Kentucky that morning, there was a heavy fog on the river, from a previous rain.  I looked around and pondered what to paint.  Slowly, I saw a canoe emerging from the mist.  As it got closer, I could see the person in the canoe.  He had fishing gear.  It reminded me of stories I had read when I was a child.  As I watched him go by, the fog began to lift and I could see the bend in the river from where he had been.  I proceeded to paint this scene with the fog lifting and it appeared to rise out of the distant trees.  My favorite thing about this painting is the old stump in the foreground.  It has a huge hole in it and one can see the river through it!  This painting sold in the Point Gallery in Prospect, Kentucky.