"Trigger at Forest's Edge"    
Dimensions: 15 W x 22 H

This original is sold.


I was visiting family in the Highlands in North Carolina. One morning everyone decided to go into town. Not me. I saw this beautiful view by the forest's edge and decided I must paint it right then. I sat on the lower level underneath the deck and sat up my supplies. While I painted, Trigger sat beside me and protected me. I was near the forest and we (Trigger and I) could hear all the forest sounds. Every once in a while, he would jump up and run to the edge and bark. Then after a while he just sat at the Forest Edge... listening. It was the greatest feeling that he had stayed with me and was protecting me. He was such a sweet dog. He reminded me of a little bear. His fur was so thick. I actually renamed him (to myself) while I was there, "Little Bear".