Dover Bridge    


My husband and I went to Maysville, Kentucky, home of George Clooney. Also, the home of Miss Kentucky and Miss America, Heather French Henry.  Daniel Boone was one of the founders of Maysville.  We went to see the covered bridges in the area, because I wanted to paint them.  We found the Dover Covered Bridge first.  Oh!  It was so beautiful!  I sat up on the side of the road out of the way of occasional traffic.  My husband found a pull off for the car by the woods.  I just couldn't believe this setting!  I started to draw and paint in oil.  An old farmer came along in his pickup truck and stopped to look, smiled and waved, and then drove on.  I continued to paint.  My husband was fixing lunch.  An hour later, the old farmer returned in his truck, stopped to look and said, "Yep, looks purty good".  I smiled and thanked him and he drove on through the covered bridge.  We ate lunch on the hood of the car.  I painted some more, and then it began to rain.  We packed everything up and drove through the bridge to turn around.  As we did, a brown eagle flew down in front of our car and off into the woods!  We were in awe!  What a wonderful day.